Zelda phantom hourglass review

"I've finally finished my first Zelda game!" I exclaimed close to tears and threw my DS on the bed.
Not often have I felt so lost after playing a game. ZPH is a strange mix of genuine entertainment and mind boggling boredom... But I'm getting ahead of myself.

People have always told me I should play Zelda. And believe me I've tried, but all the zelda games I've tried (a link to the past, Wind waker) have run the train of enjoyment straight into the great brick wall of irritation and boredom. Mostly because of completely illogical puzzles and confusing control schemes. (Don't get me started on these games...)

But ZPH seemed different, the controls are wonderful and no matter what odd things I'm trying to do with Link (or my case "Lard") I find myself doing it with ease and enjoyment.
Then I run into a few problems...

It's not a bad game, just with some major faults that seem unforgivable coming, as they do, from Nintendo. Which is supposed to know how to make fun and accessible games...

I give this game a weak 2/5. Want to spend money on portable entertainment? Buy a comic book or a book. This is just bad value for my money. Hope I wasn't to bitter for you guys, sorry about that.