A simple inspiration service for fiction writers. In this age of AI, good writing is more important than ever. I want to help spark the inspiration to write.

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Design podcast

Myself and Jaan Orvet discuss everything we can think of. It’s a cacophony of design thoughts and topics. Some guests, a lot of coffee.

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I lead the design team behind the software that guides the next generation of pilotless air taxis. VoloIQ was designed as a real time digital twin for flights, flight operations, flight testing. Feeding everything from flight control to customer apps.

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Do you ever wish you could sponsor a specific blog post like you can a podcast episode? Now you can. With SponsorPost. Not only that, but since ads are contextual, branding just works better. Both for the content creator, and the sponsor.

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How to get rich

This book is a collection of Naval’s, now world famous, practical advice on how to become rich.

This book was created without any involvement of Naval himself. I have personally benefited greatly from his advice and want to share it with the world.

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These are topics and areas I'm exploring that I would love to work on, if there was time. If you are working in this space please reach out.


Did you know that there actually is an objective world, and that we can learn truths about it? Popper and Deutsch are showing the way. But there are so many areas still based on bad philosophy.

Indie web

There's so much stuff that we take for granted today that are built by private companies, but could be a part of the open web. Wouldn't it be amazing if the old school web continued to grow and expand without gatekeepers?

Massively multiplayer online gaming

Everyone is walking around with a mobile device looking for distraction and connection. There must be nicer and more rewarding ways to spend that energy than doom scrolling. I think the MMO has a perfect spot to fill here.

Released, completed or abandoned:

Old projects.

Indie Union podcast

Me and Marcus Stenbeck gave weekly updates on current projects, chronicling the progress of bootstrapped startups in the indie hacker community. In hiatus due to us both getting stressful jobs related to the work we were doing.


Tracking employee mental health through AI. I built a privacy focused camera app that tracked your emotions during the day. It gave you a detailed view of your displayed emotions and gave team members a generalised view of how everyone was feeling. I completed a full MVP built with AWS CDK and Svelte. Left the project in May 2021 due to lack of traction.


Next generation note taking app, never spend time organising notes again.

How to Get Rich (without getting lucky)

Playing around with self publishing and spreading the excellent advice of Naval Ravikant on how to get rich. This book is an aggregation of his best advice on the subject up to 2019. Based on his famous tweet thread on the topic.


SaaS that aimed to help aspiring authors to finish their first manuscript. It leverages habit building triggers with design to make clear progress.

In the end BlankPage had reached 17 thousand writers, and had a couple of hundred active users. But was not financially stable and I regretfully sunsetted the project in 2019.

Adding the Fun

A blog where I tried to teach Gamification and aggregate things happening within that space. I tried, desperately, to defend gamification as "game design" and not just extrinsic motivational notifications. I failed.

iTunes redesign

Prior to the iCloud unveiling I did this redesign to show how a paradigm change in the core elements of iTunes could improve the experience. It was based on the application only though.

Anton & Lumbus [video]

A 2010 semi-animated sound childrens book for the iPhone and iPad.

Dreamlords the Reawakening[video]

The followup of Dreamlords, a small scale and unique MMO for all those who've tired of the standard MMORPG genre. Released in 2008, the final server was eventually laid to rest in 2011.

Shattered Alliance[video]

A coop over LAN top down shooter designed to be a PR product for my alma mater, sadly in the late stages of development we ran into numerous bugs and launch was delayed over the summer, after which most of our programmers had moved on.


A unique MMORTS released in febuary 07, critically acclaimed but commercially unstable.

Grim Breed [video]

An RTS expermental gameplay demo, has some quirks but does show promising gameplay.

Garden Gnome Carnage[video]

A small downloadable game that I was involved in brainstorming for, developed by Daniel Remar.


A small arcanoid clone created with Robert Nyberg.