Nice words by great people

In my career thus far he is singlehandedly the most impactful design mentor I've had

He has a wonderful passion and energy for tackling design challenges, in particularly the fuzzy, undefined, high value ones. Personally, I also loved his collaborative approach to feedback and nurturing designers; and felt many of my skills develop under his leadership. I would jump at an opportunity to work with him again, and hope I'll get that chance in my career!

Max TkaczSenior Product Designer, n8n

Not only did Jesper excel in his role, but he was also a joy to work with. His positive attitude and strong work ethic made him an asset to our team.

I was impressed with his ability to consistently deliver high-quality work while maintaining an open and collaborative approach. I had the pleasure of working with Jesper during his time as Head of UI/UX at Volocopter. He consistently exceeded expectations and delivered outstanding results, even with limited resources. His expertise in user experience and design allowed him and his team to effectively support multiple teams with everything from developing personas to designing screens.

Matthias KainerHead of Development, Volocopter

Jesper possesses an extraordinary ability to engage and captivate others

Jesper's strategic mindset is very impressive. He not only understands the intricacies of user experience design but also has a knack for envisioning innovative solutions. Together, we delved into uncharted territories, exploring new ways and concepts for state-of-the-art application designs. The process was not only productive but also very enjoyable, as Jesper fostered a collaborative and creative environment.

Max SchönkeSenior Product Designer, Volocopter

simply an interesting and inspiring individual

Jesper draws from lots of experience, but always stays humble and curious for new technologies, solutions and perspectives. He is also a great listener, which is a crucial trait to find out what people, esp. customers, want.

Milena NeumannSenior Developer, Volocopter

Organized and driven

Had a great time working with Jesper, happy to recommend him.

Lisandro MindelTech Director, North Kingdom

It was really interesting to have him on the R&D team as he usually had a different angel when it came to how the product should work than the rest of us.

Jesper is clearly always willing to improve and learn, and from my role as Project Manager I could rely on him helping out when needed. Jesper is on my shortlist list the next time I need that kind of expertise again, and I'll be happy to recommend him.

Jonas OhlssonProduct Manager, Net Insight