Death spank and odd news

Sorry for the lack of updates. Redesign and a new job makes my time short and the tech buggy as hell. I just saw the first trailer from Deathspank… yeah, thats right! It’s Ron Gilbert’s (anyone else who has no clue?), accoring to kotaku, “long awaited” episodic RPG/adventure.

Now re-read the previous paragraph a few times and close your mouth.

It’s supposed to be a mix between Diablo and Monkey Island, and judging from the trailer I saw they seem to have hit the spot dead on. I’m excited, and not because another good game might be in the works. There are in fact a whole bunch of good games on the horizon. I’m excited because this game looks like it’s really, truly, funny.

Not entertaining. Funny.

A sitcom of games if you will. Can anyone say “main-stream hit”? Readers of this blog will know that I love easy fun and that, at least I, find such entertainment really hard to find these days. Go on Guy, make a wonderful game!