What I'm doing now

Updated June 2020

Originally from Stockholm, I’ve been back here since Christmas ‘18.

Spending 2020 starting or joining a new business. Will blog about it.

Currently a full time employee at ICA, trying to save as much money as possible for investments and projects. Enjoying life with the love of my life Agnes.

I'm currently working on:

ICA - I work on digitising grocery stores.

Better Each Day - my design consultancy, where I help clients with UX and MVP development.

Ting - a notebook for networking thoughts.

Where I am (Stockholm unless it says otherwise):
Berlin (May 20) (cancelled due to covid)
Lisbon (Apr 20) (cancelled due to covid)
San Fransisco + Oklahoma (Mar 20) (cancelled due to covid)
Japan (Apr 19) got engaged during the cherry blossom season!
Munich (okt 18) just the Oktober Fest
Rome (May 18)
Berlin (Sep 17)
Lisbon (May 17)
Medellin (Apr 17)

Inspired by Derek Sivers NowNowNow.