What I'm doing now

Originally from Stockholm, I'm currently splitting my time between Lisbon and Berlin.
Reading a lot of books and enjoying life with the love of my life Agnes. Planning on getting a dog.

I'm currently working on:

  • Helping startups and small companies with Product Design and User Research. Need help?
  • A few small side projects – have to stay curious!

Where I am:

Lisbon, Portugal (Fall 24)
Berlin, Germany (summer 24)
Lisbon, Portugal (spring 24)
Berlin, Germany (spring 24)
Stockholm (Xmas 23)
Berlin, Germany (fall 23)
Ericeira, Portugal (fall 23)
Edinburgh, Scotland (fall 23)
USA (spring 23)
Stockholm, Sweden (Jun 22)
Berlin, Germany (May 22)
Stockholm, Sweden (May 22)
Zurich, Switzerland (April 22)
Berlin, Germany (January 22)
Berlin, Germany (August 21) (cancelled due to covid)
Stockholm, Sweden
Berlin, Germany (May 20) (cancelled due to covid)
Lisbon, Portugal (Apr 20) (cancelled due to covid)
San Fransisco + Oklahoma, US (Mar 20) (cancelled due to covid)
Tokyo, Japan (Apr 19) got engaged during the cherry blossom season!
Marbella, Spain (Nov 18) did a short gig with a friend
Munich, Germany (okt 18) just the Oktober Fest
Rome, Italy (May 18)
Munich, Germany (oct 17) just the Oktober Fest
Berlin, Germany (Sep 17)
Lisbon, Portugal (May 17)
Cartagena, Colombia (May 17)
Medellin, Colobia (Apr 17)
San Fransisco, US (Apr 17)
San Fransisco, US (Jan-May 16) join 500 Startups with a Swedish startup

Inspired by Derek Sivers NowNowNow.