Hubspot Ideas 2021 –

Aggregating everything worth knowing about the Hubspot ecosystem.

smAile 2020 –

AI based office health app.

Ting 2020 –

Next generation note taking app, never spend time organising notes again.

Released, completed or abandoned:

BlankPage 2012-2019

SaaS that aimed to help aspiring authors to finish their first manuscript. It leverages habit building triggers with design to make clear progress.

In the end BlankPage had reached 17 thousand writers, and had a couple of hundred active users. But was not financially stable and I regretfully sunsetted the project in 2019.

Adding the Fun 2011-2014?

A blog where I tried to teach Gamification and aggregate things happening within that space. I tried, desperately, to defend gamification as “game design” and not just extrinsic motivational notifications. I failed.

iTunes redesign 2010

Prior to the iCloud unveiling I did this redesign to show how a paradigm change in the core elements of iTunes could improve the experience. It was based on the application only though.

Anton & Lumbus  2010

A 2010 semi-animated sound childrens book for the iPhone and iPad.

Dreamlords the Reawakening 2008

The followup of Dreamlords, a small scale and unique MMO for all those who’ve tired of the standard MMORPG genre. Released in 2008, the final server was eventually laid to rest in 2011.

Shattered Alliance  2008

A coop over LAN top down shooter designed to be a PR product for my alma mater, sadly in the late stages of development we ran into numerous bugs and launch was delayed over the summer, after which most of our programmers had moved on.

Dreamlords 2007

A unique MMORTS released in febuary 07, critically acclaimed but commercially unstable.

Grim Breed 2007

An RTS expermental gameplay demo, has some quirks but does show promising gameplay.

Garden Gnome Carnage 2006

A small downloadable game that I was involved in brainstorming for, developed by Daniel Remar.

PuzzleNoid 2004

A small arcanoid clone created with Robert Nyberg.