Will Home give the PS3 an edge?

Home has launched. It’s in beta but still released for all PSN users. The launch is covered in bugs but Sony has already come on record with a release plan of fixes. But will Home lift the Playstation 3 to new heights? Well Home in itself is not much more then a glorified chat client. So it’s kind of surprising to find that Sony has released home without any real content… There’s great avatar customization and a few games. But not much to look at, no game rooms, not even any real content to purchase… It’s more or less an empty store/club. Which is more then mildly depressing.

Sony has once again released a platform and forgotten to give the developers a heads up.

When can we expect to see some cool game rooms released then? There is no word… Sony is shooting itself in the foot. Content is king, it’s because of compelling content we’re supposed to buy a PS3 from the start.

This is like the Nintendo Wii all over again, I loved my Wii before I sold it, used to boot it up and play with the menu for a few seconds several times a week. But I never did anything else.

Today I’m booting up my PS3 each Thursday to download some more clothes to LBP (which I still play whenever I have a friends nearby) but other then that.. I checked the weather last week?..

Sony, get smart really quick. This isn’t hard. You create platforms, for them to sell you need talented developers to fill them with content. If you really can’t think this far ahead maybe you should just hand over the Playstation brand to Microsoft. I would hate that, but at least developers would have a go at the platform.