The strangeness of a mans mind

In the particular case: my own. I was on my way home Saturday night when I started chatting to a young lady next to me on the bus. it turned out she lived near me and was giving me her number when I stopped her and insisted on getting her address instead. 

I have absolutely no idea why I thought this was such a grand idea at the time, but somewhat reluctantly and surprised she gave me her address, we hugged and went our separate ways. Now of course, there is no way for me to find this girls number, I could simply spam her front door but that’s not really something you want to do in this age of communication.

Why did I think this was a good idea? I have no idea. It was certainly a strange thing to do judging from her confused expression when she gave me her address.

This leads me to believe that trying to find new ways to look at the world have somehow gone to my head and I am now to far gone to return to earth. Or even more probably: I’m just ranting and will post something serious later on.