The Playstation media center

I’ve been drooling over getting Boxee to centralize my media for a few months. Everyone wants a simple way to use all your media in one place without having to move it around right? Well now it’s possible. I had never thought about installing Ubuntu on my Playstation 3 before. I already had a computer and didn’t want to mess with my console. It’s great as it is. But then I realized I could install Boxee on ubuntu and use my PS3 as a media center… It’s made for this type of media use, it’s just not as good as Boxee. Or Ubuntu.

Shortly after this realisation I found that installing Ubuntu doesn’t change anything on my PS3 except take up some HDD space. Well I have a few GB’s over anyway. So there is no risk (PS3 backup before installing and your set to go) then install Ubuntu. It works. Everything works. Damnit, so simple. Install Boxee, damn. Works like a charm.

So now I’m the owner of a Playstation 3, including media center functionality such as streaming my music and video library form my Vista PC, my music from and series from Hulu. I can still play playstation games AND other games such as Eve Online.

Why didn’t I think about this before?

There is no excuse anymore, if you don’t own a PS3 buy one. This is the cheapest possible home PC running Ubunutu. It just happens to be silent, media expert and BluRay compatible as well. Why do I even own a PC anymore? I use it as a footrest.

Still, the Playstation 3 is a weird machine. It’s NOT the ultimate home console, but it just might be the ultimate home media computer.