Playstation 3 drive error update

Got another PS3 on my warranty. Pretty decent by Sony I think, sadly it was broken as well. Went back to the store and got another one, courtesy of the Sony retailer in Sweden, this time it worked. Then I realized my enormous mistake. A PS3 drive is encrypted to specific machines. That means you can’t swap drives to other PS3’s.. Now this I just don’t understand. There are no real security benefits with not being able to swap drives. If a hacker wants to pirate something they will, eventually, break the encryption. But besides that, why use a specific machine? Why shouldn’t I be able to move my drive to another PS3.

Maybe I want to upgrade to the newest revision of the PS3 hardware some time in the future? No? Alright Sony, if that’s the way you want it.

Since I’m now without save games and with no real must play titles out right now, I am seriously thinking about exchanging it for an Xbox 360 elite. At least there I know what kind of problems to expect…