New design wrecks havoc just like new tech

As you’ve probably noticed my blog is moved and redesigned (not final yet) because I needed to speed up my site updates. Sadly my domain host is restricting me from completing the change faster but it will be done in a couple of weeks. Which is ironically very similar to the Moore’s Wall phenomena that Raph Koster has previously talked about. Moore’s Wall is basically states that because new, better and faster technology is usually thought to be the same as visual improvement (graphical in games) developers are implicitly forced to focus harder on visual representation then on interactivity or function. As technology improves this will become more and more work until development is so expensive that taking chances is never profitable.

Sound familiar? It’s basically the current state of the games industry. Not until technological innovation has matured so far that new technology is not leaps and bounds faster or better then the previous tech or when the leaps between tech grow longer can we really focus on creating better gameplay.

Anyway, it’s a great read and the basic idea is perforating my day to day life so check it out.