Lifestyle design: iteration one

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Like most beginnings, this one has been rocky for me. But the foundation is now in place. My economy is in the black again. My home slightly redesigned. So now what? Oh yes. It’s time to tackle the big step. Time to redefine how I wish to live.

This took me quite a few days pondering and procrastinating, even though the result looks simple enough. But I view this as a first iteration, my first test, and I expect it to have rough edges or even gaping flaws.

I think any lifestyle redesign needs to be different enough from ones old life to create a different outcome. But like diets, have enough margin for the occasional slip up. So I based this on three goals:

  1. I want to create extraordinary things.
  2. I want to play more.
  3. My health must be in balance to create fertile ground for the first two.

The first one is not that difficult. I need focused time to work. And limits on that time so I don’t burn out.

The second one is hard. Play is not something you can really plan for. But hopefully meditation will help me here.

The third one is really hard. I work out quite a lot, and eat well. Have done for the last few years. But I also have onset insomnia making me sick and tired often. Creating a balance where this affects me less will be very difficult indeed.

To achieve these goals I plan to structure 80% of my time. Laid out weekly, that means following this schedule for 5.6 days and leaving the rest unplanned.

Every day I will try to live like this:

  • 8+1 hours of sleep (the 1 is for getting into and out of bed)
  • 8 hours of focused work, probably in chunks of 4+2+2
  • 2 hours for food preparation and eating.
  • 2 hours spent at the gym, or on off days learning something new (I’ll try Italian and the guitar)
  • Which leaves 3 hours for play.

Now I’m sure this doesn’t take everything into account. There’s no time for grocery shopping or just cleaning my apartment. But it’s interesting to write it all down like this.

Also, it doesn’t really look that different from a “normal life” does it? To test this I’ll be using the Hours app on my iPhone to track the amount of time I’m putting into each segment.




    I’m on my second day now. Sadly with really poor sleep. But hey, at least I’ve started.