Consumption vs Creation Ratio

You probably create for a living, code, design, articles or all sorts of other things. Even more likely you consume quite a bit of content daily. Instagram, Netlix, Podcasts, articles like this one..

I was reading Manuel’s thoughts about consumption vs creation and I realised this was a really important question to ask.

What is a good ratio of consumption vs creation?

Is this similar to working out, where you want sprints of hard work, but most of the time should be spent recovering. Or is it more like meditation and eating well, where the more you do it the better?

What is my ratio like today? I would like to say I’m at 50/50. Or even better. But judging from my output, that is probably not true.

Creation takes a lot longer than consumption. So maybe a 2/1 ratio is more reasonable?

Could we perhaps train ourselves like we train our kids for this? You get dessert after you finish your greens. If you create something, you get to consume. But not before.

That would be a really interesting experiment. If I can find a way to track it.