Breaking habits

I recently read a blog post about tracking ones habits to identify what sort of behaviors and triggers are present in a normal day. Usually I read these, and like everyone else, think I’ll do that some other day. Only this time I started right away.

I’ve just had a two week vacation and noticed that I kept doing things I wasn’t really hoping to do. I guess this triggered me into action. Well, that and the resting.

It took me less than 5 minutes to find an app to ask me what I was doing at random intervals during the day (Mind Jogger) and I then struggled to actually answer the question for a week. Of course I ignored the question plenty of times, but today I had a decent 22 answers to go through and analyze.

It turns out, big surprise, that I’m interrupted by notifications. And much more prone to bad moods, procrastination, and destructive behavior when I’m tired or hungover.

Not really much of a surprise. Having a clear picture of just how much this affects me though, is an eye opener.

Time to break som bad habits.