Avoiding regret

When I was a kid I expected to do so many things before I was old. But here I am, and while I did some of those things I still have regrets. Nothing big, just all those small things I never got around to. Those “next time I will” that never happened again.

I think I’ve spent the time being busy. Yes, admit I was scared, and procrastinated, but most of the time I was stressed. Rushing to keep up with my current obligations, to finish work so I could start that creative project. But work never finished.

I suspect that the mad dash is a way to avoid doing the scary thing.

The Author Stephen Pressfield has this wonderful idea (affiliate) that we should use this avoidance as a compass. That this resistance always points out what is important for us. The more tasks and circumstance I have for not doing something, the more important that thing is likely to be, to me.

The problem is, as always, to first notice that resistance.