Age of Warcraft

I just started playing Age of Conan and I must say I’m impressed. I’ve played a lot of MMOGs for research and Age of Conan has the smoothest and most intuitive startup of them all so far.
The fighting feels really liquid and action packed, at least for a start, much unlike the one click combat of WoW.
But the environments make me feel claustrophobic. Don’t get me wrong, the world in AoC is beautiful, its just so packed with hills, rocks and stuff that I can’t the forest for all the trees.

Overall its a very interesting game but I need to play it a bit more to give some form of real evaluation. A friend of mine claims that the content dries up after lvl 40. Judging from my previous MMO experience I’ll get bored a lot sooner the lvl 40 but we’ll see, I’m still going strong at lvl 9 and it took me several weeks to get passed lvl 7 in WoW.

I still have my article on the cognitive limitations of the avatar coming up soon. Just need to sit down and write. Later!