I believe using digital tools should be fun. People are spending too much time and energy deciphering products instead of using them.

We can do better.

I trained in the games industry and work with human interaction design. I think hard about complexity so that the customer can use something simple. I do hard rational analysis so the end user can make intuitive, emotional, choices. Real work is reaching for the goal, not struggling with your tools.

Everything can be simple.

I believe design is central, there is no gain without working from a holistic perspective. The intersection of business case, user value and technology is the value added from good design. I believe fun is the basis for all good tools. If it's not fun to use, no amount of discipline will get tasks done.

Anything can be fun.

I don't care about where ideas come from, I care about how they're used. I care about opinions, but I use cognitive science and studies to create my design. Things that feel better, work better. I believe we can do better:

Make it simple, make it easy, make it fun.

This is what I do.