Life strategy


Inspired by Erick Arjaluoto and Derek Sivers, I’ve decided to keep an updated list of things I try to do, and things I try to avoid, in order to live the life I want to have. Some of these are aspirational. Updated 2021-10-11.


  • Write down new things you learn. Review the ones you want to remember.

  • Have you reached every goal and dream you have? If not, be prepared to change how you do everything, throw it out, learn and try a new way of doing something.

  • Work on the hard thing. When there’s a choice between a quick fix, and hard work, hard work will teach you more and give you more options.

  • Share it. Write about it, record a video, just share it with someone. Good ideas can resonate, and create ripple effects.


  • Invest asymmetrically. That is, if you can lose 100%, there must be a good chance of winning at least 3x that. This way you can afford to be wrong many times. If you only earn 2-10%, you can never afford to be wrong.

  • Pay yourself first. Always save a % of all income (currently I'm at 46%).


  • Strength is key to mobility, especially as one ages. Lift heavy things.

  • Meditate, however works for you, but find stillness of mind. Often.



  • Don't hide or hoard knowledge, believing it gives you and edge. You'll just forget it. Publish and share.

  • Don't over-optimise. Before you have the basic foundations of anything nailed down, there's not reason to go looking for optimisations and short cuts. You're only procrastinating. Do every first without thinking.

  • Invest in hype.

  • Don't follow special food diets. You can calculate how much you should eat, make sure its enough protein and fibrous veggies, stay away from sugar. You'll be fine.

  • Don't engage in dopamine hit behaviour. Avoid becoming an addict by deliberately spending time being bored.

  • Don't be serious, have fun. Fun means you're engaged, active and creative.

  • Don’t engage in politics, or fights. There’s no need to prove anyone wrong, that’s just ego.

  • Don’t seek validation or rewards. Do the work, because it is worth doing.

  • Don’t jump on every idea.

  • Don’t commute.