What I learned week 49 2022

Being prepared

A few years ago I signed up for a cruise from Colombia to Portugal. I wanted to cross the Atlantic. There was just a couple of things stopping me: I was in Sweden. I was unemployed. I had no savings.

But it all turned out fine. Partly I think it’s because we are capable of so much more than we think. And partly things are so much easier with clarity of focus.

“The ultimate form of preparation is not planning for a specific scenario, but a mindset that can handle uncertainty.”

James Clear

I miss having that mindset. To rely on myself to solve it. Whatever it is.

Making progress

Making progress is difficult. Sometimes progress means finishing a project. Sometimes it means starting something. It might be worth asking yourself which sort your next task is before starting. After reading this, I know I need to.

“In some areas of life, value is unlocked by starting. Even a five-minute workout or a short walk can reset your mood and benefit your body. In other areas, value is unlocked by finishing. It does you no good to build a bridge halfway across the river. You need to complete the project to realize the value. Do you need to start or finish? Are you building a body or building a bridge?”

James Clear

Being someone worth remembering

Being someone people remember means doing things that stick out. Dare to take more space. Be more of whatever you want to be. It will be scary, but the world needs more individuals.

When people say that a movie has a great character, they mean it was someone especially shocking, funny, or honest. To be a great entertainer, you need to be larger than life. Push your outer boundaries. Show your weirdness. Bring out all your quirks. The world needs that.

Derek Sivers