What I learned week 48 2022

This was a stressful week for me. While the entire internet was talking about OpenAI’s new chatbot, I was onboarding a new designer on my team and learning a few new things:

To slow down time, go slower.

This article might sound like I will go head first and as fast as possible. On the contrary, I have learned that if you want to slow down time, go slower, which is precisely what I need right now: Slowing down time! I will rest more. Stay organized. Execute. Reflect. Plan ahead slowly.

A fresh new start: Investing in myself towards financial freedom and sharing my personal and business finances publicly! — Val Sopi

We really shouldn’t know our limits. Or rather, we shouldn’t believe in limits until we bump against them several times.

It’s tempting to say that it’s good to have a reasonable sense of your abilities. But if a one-year-old stuck to what they knew they could do, they would never walk. What if life-changing breakthroughs are lurking behind the goals we’re too afraid to chase?

The Childlike Love of Challenge — Nat Eliason

Getting distracted by meetings and busywork is really having a negative impact on me. So my current strategy for beating the internal resistance is a strangely simple one: just do one hour of productive work per day.

Odds are, the latest office debate or family squabble isn’t worth winning. Most arguments are only tangentially related to your end goal. What outcomes are you actually trying to create? What type of life are you actually trying to cultivate? Stay focused.

Arguments, staying young, and the pain of truth — James Clear

Speed is important for many reasons. Some of them less obvious.

You learn more per unit time because you make contact with reality more frequently.

Going fast makes you focus on what’s important; there’s no time for bullshit

Nat Friedman