What I learned week 47 2022

I spent half this week showing my parents around Berlin, turns out that Christmas markets is a big thing in Germany. But it’s quite hard for me to understand why? Maybe if I was drinking, it would make more sense.

Erik Torenberg has this interesting theory There’s Just Too Many Damn Elites. The core idea is that we have created a lot of cushy jobs for people who are socially performing, but economically don’t do much. And we ran out of money for these jobs.

Val Sopi is taking investing in yourself to a whole new level by taking out a bank loan to finance himself working on his own products… This is so brave and amazing I don’t know where to start. Thankfully he’s sharing all of it online! I find myself agreeing with most of his philosophy:

This article might sound like I will go head first and as fast as possible. On the contrary, I have learned that if you want to slow down time, go slower, which is precisely what I need right now: Slowing down time! I will rest more. Stay organized. Execute. Reflect. Plan ahead slowly.

Val Sopi

Lifestyle magazine Konfekt had this epic quote to share:

“Without wine we eat; with wine we dine.”

Irena Kirshman

Apparently we’re all supposed to hate Elon Musk now. Not sure why to be honest. But I think Paul Graham sums it up best:

It’s remarkable how many people who’ve never run any kind of company think they know how to run a tech company better than someone who’s run Tesla and SpaceX.

Paul Graham