What I learned week 2 2023

This week I’ve been travelling all across Germany to go to a handful of meetings. If only someone had discovered a way to meet remotely.

Did you know you can increase your luck by keeping a luck journal?

Me neither. But I did know what luck is actually not random, but an effect of how open we are to find opportunities in our daily lives. There’s been plenty of studies on this, and in this video Ali Abdaal highlights one of the ways to increase your luck: keeping a luck journal.

At the end of each day, simply list all the ways you were lucky, or avoided being unlucky. Anything from “didn’t step in the puddle” to “million dollar lottery ticket”. This simple practice will help you open your mind to start noticing luck, which will increase your luck.

I’ve been doing it for one week now, and so far I feel a lot more lucky!

Baths are super relaxing

I’m very tall, so I haven’t fit into a bathtub since I was 12. But on this week business trip I was lucky and got moved from a room to a junior suite because the hotel was overbooked. It had a large bathtub, so I had to try it.

I heard Matthew Walker explain on Huberman labs that hot baths and showers before going to bed can help your body lower your core temperature. Meaning you relax and fall asleep quicker. I wasn’t expecting it to work this well though!

My 15 minute bath had me the most relaxed I’ve felt in months, and I almost fell asleep in the bath.

Yes I will be looking for more baths in the future!