What I learned week 17 2023

I learned a lot this week, but didn’t have time to do any experiments. Here are three short ideas that I think I will experiment with next.

Jogs your mind

You think better when you walk. You’ve probably noticed that before? But are you applying it? I really wasn’t. Reading this twitter thread made me realise I can use walking as an activity to think about solutions.

If bored and struggling with ideas — keep walking until the day becomes interesting.

Read-it-later is a river, not a bucket

My most popular tweet this week was based on a fantastic article by Oliver Burkeman:


Asking is asymmetric

If you’ve read Taleb, you will be familiar with the concept of asymmetry. Some things have more upside than downside, or the reverse. So if you only spend time on the things that have asymmetric upside, you are going to win.

I’ve thought about this a lot, but reading this list of asymmetric returns I realised I’ve been over complicating things again. Asking for something has an asymmetric upside: either you get it, or you get a no.