Long versus Short term plans

Do you struggle choosing between working on what inspired you today, or staying with the long term plan? I do.

The investor Naval says “Inspiration is perishable - act on it immediately.” and I feel like there’s truth in that. But all my wins come from following a longer term plan, using time to my advantage.

Advice from thinkers on the internet is not very helpful: Shane Parrish say’s we need focus, not excitement. Ali Abdaal says we need both, that this polarisation itself is a myth.

I discussed this with my mastermind group a week ago. And it turns out we all struggle with it. But Benjamin had a very interesting idea about how to deal with it:

  • Follow your inspiration.
  • But try to be inspired by topics related to your long term goal.
  • When you are inspired, act on that and ignore the other goals.
  • When inspiration wanes, wrap it up.
  • Look for the next inspiration to hit by reading or thinking about the goals you have.

Over time, these sprints will balance out, and you will find yourself moving towards your long term goals.

I really like this idea. And I will try it out.