How design is killing Google

Google was not known for it’s visual design in the early years, in fact it was known for having horrible visuals. But Google products worked, often working so much better than it’s competitors that Google seemed to really understand it’s users. Google may have had bad visuals, but their user experiences where great.

Now Google has become a power house of great visual design. But Google products no longer has their sheen of great usability. Something has been missing from a lot of their later products.

Whats happening? Google is becoming a corporation. And yes, it’s a bad thing.

The Obvious

The latest generation of Google products have something very specific in common; they only show the most obvious use:

Google glass? Jumping out of an aeroplane!
Google now? On your way to the airport!
Android? It’s open! And therefore better!

See a trend? This is marketing speak. Dumbing the products down for a wide audience. Designers don’t stop at the obvious, because the obvious is always wrong.

No longer the subtle use cases that, right when you need them, solve all your problems. Because Google understands the use of Email or a Calendar.

Instead we get beautiful apps, and great videos, showing the obvious bragging rights but no real use.

Google, where did you go? Come back down to us. Stop thinking like a corporation.