Apple's September event

With Snow Leopard out and another event planned it was time for the annual iPod update. This time Apple released faster versions of the iPod touch for improved game experiences. An iPod nano with a camera and a few new colors for iPod classic and shuffle.

But the real news is iTunes 9. iTunes has finally been updated with a few small but essential additions. iTunes has for the last 3 years or so lagged terribly behind the rest of Apple’s products both in interface and useability. So this was about time. But it wasn’t the complete overhaul we were hoping, not an iTunes cloud sadly.

iTunes 9 has limited content sharing over LAN for home users and a revised interface for the iTunes store. Which was badly needed. But besides that the changes are minimal and of little interest. Hopefully iTunes 9 was just in preparation of iTunes 10 which hopefully will be a drastic improvement.

Let the rumors commence.