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Build beautiful products faster.

Figuring out what to do. Then doing it really well. I design tools that help us think and create. Making things on the internet since 96. I publish as I learn, so please help me spot the errors.

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If it's professional: email me. If it's really urgent: write to me on X.

Not only did Jesper excel in his role, but he was also a joy to work with. His positive attitude and strong work ethic made him an asset to our team.

I was impressed with his ability to consistently deliver high-quality work while maintaining an open and collaborative approach. I had the pleasure of working with Jesper during his time as Head of UI/UX at Volocopter. He consistently exceeded expectations and delivered outstanding results, even with limited resources. His expertise in user experience and design allowed him and his team to effectively support multiple teams with everything from developing personas to designing screens.

Matthias KainerHead of Development, Volocopter

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