Playstation 3 slim and pricedrop

Huzzah! The rumors were true. Sony has announced that they will release a slimmer, cheaper version of the PS3 September 1.
Wow. That’s great. A lot of more people will buy PS3s…

It’s just a bit sad that Sony is already lagging behind with every service associated with the PS3. The online functionality is simple not nearly as good or entertaining as Microsofts Xbox Live. PSN has less games and content. PS3 developers are still not getting enough help to really push the PS3.

So, as I did smile for a short while at the very late price drop, I’m afraid it might not be enough. And while I do enjoy and respect the 360. Something tells me I just don’t want Microsoft to dominate my living room as they have, for far to long, dominated my workspace.

Final Fantasy boosting PS3 sales in Japan (Console Wars)

PS3 sales skyrocket as Final Fantasy Advent Children complete is released with the playable demo of FF13.This is quite probably one of 2009s biggest releases on the PS3 and points to the outcome of this generation in the console war.
There will be no #1 gaming platform.

The Wii has outsold everything x2 and but still has poor support from and to third parties. The Xbox 360 has a clear lead over the PS3 but is clearly not a winner though Microsoft has made both a ton of money and millions of new customers. The PS3 continues to stagnate with good support but far from the great support of the golden PSX days.

In conclusion I miss those days, there was a clear winner, a clear platform that every developer aimed for and a wide spectrum of games.
Maybe the next generation will see a renaissance of games development. Maybe we’ll see total domination by Adobe Flash or OnLive.