Warhammer Online guild

I started a guild in WAR yesterday. So far I’m pretty impressed by the fact that there is actually incentive to do so in WAR. Guilds level up and give skills and features for all members to brag about.
This might be the first guild/convergence/corporation/whatever that I actually feel inclined to be active in. More on this as it develops. 😉

WAR release

Warhammer Online has finally received a release date: September 19.Which gives it a months head start on the next expansion for World of
Warcraft in November.

Is this a good thing? There can be very little doubt that these two
games are direct competitors. The warcraft universe is basically a
ripoff from Warhammer and Warhammer Online has copied most of WoW’s
game systems.

WAR now has some time to gather a following. But will it divert attention
from Wrath of the Lich King or will it simply loose a million players
when the WoW expansion launches?

Hopefully WAR will survive with enough player growth to shake up the
MMO marketplace a bit. But only time will tell, for all the faults of
WoW it has proven again and again to be stronger then newcomers in the