Leaving Tokyo


A chilly bright morning we left our hotel in Kinshicho to settle into a shitty run down replacement business class flight back to Stockholm.

Tokyo has been amazing, but also overwhelming. I’m not sure if I’m sad to leave or happy to get back into a productive routine. Time will tell I’m sure.

Until then, I’ll try to drink enough champagne to make these tickets worth the price. This is an 80s quality flight. #shudder

My 35th Birthday

I just woke up in a rainy Kinshicho, Tokyo. It’s my 35th birthday and I’m happily spending it doing weird things with my favorite person.


I love celebrating, but I don’t like growing old. Being old I don’t mind, but the scope of what is possible in life grows smaller with every year, and that I don’t like.

I know theoretically that the shortness of life is meaningful, and triggers us to act. But I don’t always feel it. Which is why today, on the best vacation I’ve ever had, I’m sad to be reminded that this too shall pass.

I’ll hug Agnes a little tighter today. This moment is worth celebrating.

Vacation & Proposals in Tokyo


I’m in Tokyo for a couple of weeks with Agnes, and I’m having a wonderful adventure, but also the first proper vacation I’ve ever had. No real work for the entire period. A few calls, a few drinks, and a few emails. But no planning, no deadlines to keep, nothing. Besides feeling weird, it’s also making me spontaneously bubble with ideas. Can’t wait to start working again. But I’m also really happy to see what a little rest does to me.

Also took the time to propose to Agnes. It was a surprise to her, but a 6 month long plan for me. It all worked out amazingly, because she said yes.