Playstation 3 slim and pricedrop

Huzzah! The rumors were true. Sony has announced that they will release a slimmer, cheaper version of the PS3 September 1.
Wow. That’s great. A lot of more people will buy PS3s…

It’s just a bit sad that Sony is already lagging behind with every service associated with the PS3. The online functionality is simple not nearly as good or entertaining as Microsofts Xbox Live. PSN has less games and content. PS3 developers are still not getting enough help to really push the PS3.

So, as I did smile for a short while at the very late price drop, I’m afraid it might not be enough. And while I do enjoy and respect the 360. Something tells me I just don’t want Microsoft to dominate my living room as they have, for far to long, dominated my workspace.

PS3 Bluray Disc drive failure

I was playing Uncharted last night. Really liking that game even though I wish they’d spent a little more time on polish. Greatly looking forward to Uncharted 2.
All of a sudden, all sound effects other then footsteps disappear. I get frustrated and blame the developers for slouching. A moment later, the game asks me to pop in the disc.

17 different tries with different sorts of discs later I google around and find out my drive is broken. Well that’s to bad. But it led me to realize something: everyone known that MS repair service is working like an oiled machine these days (after an initial BDSM relationship with their customers), but who knows anything about Sony’s return policies?

I’m going back to the reseller store to find out, this is going to be interesting.