The first Real virtual world

Oh alright, virtual worlds have been around a long time. But never as alive as this.
One of the largest MMOG’s in the world, Eve Online, is getting a sister game from the same developer. The game, Dust 514, will feature shooter gameplay in the same world as Eve. That’s right. Games in different genres played in the same game world at the same time. Even if the games themselves do not interact directly the indirect possibilities of cross game effect and not to mention news has the potential to be amazing.

This could really be the first MMO world that might live on, with the games coming and going. A true perpetual world.

WAR release

Warhammer Online has finally received a release date: September 19.Which gives it a months head start on the next expansion for World of
Warcraft in November.

Is this a good thing? There can be very little doubt that these two
games are direct competitors. The warcraft universe is basically a
ripoff from Warhammer and Warhammer Online has copied most of WoW’s
game systems.

WAR now has some time to gather a following. But will it divert attention
from Wrath of the Lich King or will it simply loose a million players
when the WoW expansion launches?

Hopefully WAR will survive with enough player growth to shake up the
MMO marketplace a bit. But only time will tell, for all the faults of
WoW it has proven again and again to be stronger then newcomers in the

Streaming gameplay to linux

Has anyone tried this?:

It’s a service that lets you stream input/output from a windows machine to another PC or a linux PC. Sounds to me like lag should be an issue but they’re claiming they can play Crysis (there is a video but it’s to low res to tell for sure).

Capturing the Online Games Market

As I posted about earlier the web 2.0 applications are forerunners to a new type of game development market that is opening up online. Namely online games of which the flash games are currently most famous and seems to be the default platform in the foreseeable future.

Two large companies are apparently aware of this development as Ubisoft and Garage games have both already started delivering for the platform. While Garage games game platform is a closed network that relies on a plugin download they already have advanced 3D games up and running. Visit InstantAction and have a look.
Ubisofts upcoming Heroes of Might and Magic: Kingdoms might be delivered through flash, but it is to early to tell will HOMMK.

Time will tell but if I were a large publishing house today I’d try like hell to push Adobe to release open GL or direct X support with flash.

Read the previous post for more on the point.