Little Big Planet PAL launch

If you’ve missed it it’s a monumental day for game design today as Little Big Planet launches in the PAL territories. Hopefully the server issues from the US launch have been corrected and we can enjoy the full product. I’ll post my thoughts on LBP tomorrow.

Little Big Planet will sell PS3s

The Playstation 3 is far behind in this console generations sales figures. In the next two months we’ll see if the PS3 will start to catch up or if it’s doomed to end up third.
Why this year? Because if the release of games such as LBP and resistance 2, motorstorm 2 can’t shift the PS3 nothing ever will. It’s up against hard competition with the Xbox360’s new interface experience and video streaming functionality.

Personally I think this holiday season will see the climax of the playstation 3’s sales, I don’t think Sony will be able to beat Microsoft this generation but they might pull even.

How can I be so sure Little Big Planet will sell consoles? Well, besides analysts predictions and the millions of people who’ve still not upgraded from PS2 I just bought my own PS3, because no games until LBP were incentive enough for me to buy such an expensive machine.

How about you?

Little Big Planet is not that original

Games have been under attack for a long time from gamers and game media for being unoriginal. Developers have been harassed for not trying new things while developing costs keep increasing forcing publishers to stick more and more to the tried and true formulas.
A few noteworthy games such as Spore have broken this mold and have been, rightly so, highly acclaimed for innovation. Another greatly anticipated title that is applauded for innovation is little big planet. Media Molecules astonishingly universal cloth toy platform game that is more then half level editor.

I need to be honest here, without ever playing LPB I’m in love with the game. I’ve preordered it with a bundled PS3 just to play it as soon as possible. Something I’ve never done before. But is it really that original?

Actually no. But that doesn’t matter, because the thing is that it’s the gaming press that is highly unoriginal.

The reason I’m kicking the press is that, while LPB looks like it’s going to be a great game, the innovation that Media Molecule is bringing to the table has absolutely nothing to do with the game part of LPB at all. The innovation is that they’ve sliced the world editor into the gameplay itself and making it (hopefully) fun to create and share work. The game itself is more or less just a cooperative version of Mario. But in the package is all the freedom and never ending entertainment that we are used to finding in blogs and on youtube.

I have high hopes that Media Molecule has pulled this off, creating the first MMO “game platform” platform game.