How the Apple iTV will work

Most journalists now believe Apple will be releasing a TV this year. Speculating over Apple’s plans is close to impossible, but if we look closely at what Apple have been releasing over the last few years I think we can predict what an Apple iTV would be like. There are a lot of problems. All of which would be solved by taking the problems out of the TV set and instead making it a much more connected device.
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The desktop metaphor is being replaced

“The desktop metaphor was invented because … you had to manage your own storage” – Steve Jobs, 1996

He was right.

The desktop metaphor was great because you had all your files and needed to be able to navigate and store them. Today with standards for different types of data this metaphor is becoming obsolete. Most things can and are stored on the web.

Stored in accounts, used and read by apps that handle those file types.

How much more intuitive will general computing be when people no longer need to handle the management and storage of files?

Time consumers

For my Bachelors thesis I’m writing a design document for an expansion of an MMO and reporting on how I can msot effectively communicate that design to others.
For my design my mentor and friend Ola Holmdahl gave me a book about the insecurity in our society today because of the many fractured facets of our lives we are trying to control. Compared to the life long professions and family life of a hundered years ago many people are becomming stressed and unsecure.

This is a problem of information, a problem that is turned on its head in MMOs where we face the same issue but see it suface as boredom instead. Players choosing to stop playing after the single player campaign is over or after the first five or so levels.

But this is great news to any crafty coders and internet savvy people out there. The first person to create a community similar to linkedIn and with the functions of Gmail and Google Calendar that works online and from a mobile platform wins.

One community for finding jobs and projects, or workers and qualifications.
That also helps you communicate and keep track of you shopping lists and random tasks. As well as lets the project plan it’s resources and taskes.

We could quell the whole problem before it becomes and epidemic. But I don’t really think this will happen for some years to come. The problem is that it is too wide a target for investors. “You want people to do all that? With an understandable interface? It will never work…”.

It will take a lot of time, and a lot of resources. I’m available for hire by the way… 😉