Apple launches international video service

At the launch of the Apple TV Steve Jobs claimed that video rentals would launch in 9 countries outside the US “soon”.
We’ve heard Apple state again and again that iTunes video is being released in the rest of the world and so far have yet to see it. But I doubt that this has anything to do with Apple, video rentals cross nations and even more so across regions seem to be the unholy grail of the movie industry. For some reason they just don’t want to open the flood gates to international video services.

Let’s hope this latest move by Apple can finally open a crack in that wall. Hulu EU? Yes please.

Video service explosion

One of the reasons Hollywood is putting up such a fight against piracy is that Bittorrent has become the main delivery of video content in the world (excepting Youtube which Hollywood does not consider a threat, yet.).
But recently things have started happening. iTunes launched it’s video store a couple of years ago and while it is only available in the US so far it is delivering a lot of content. Hulu, Voddler and Netflicks are also showing the market another way to make a profit. The list goes on and on as new companies try to change the way the market works.

While I find this to be a great development I’m a bit sad that companies need to out compete the old system just to deliver content in a way that pirates have been doing for over ten years. But I guess change is, as ever, ver hard for Hollywood.

Until one of these services can offer a large amount of content for sensible amounts of money in Europe however, I think I’ll stick to my newest find HDMT. A great international streaming service for new movies and TV shows, all in HD.