How to achieving something

You have dreams right? Things you want to do, stuff you want to create or complete? We all do. But then life gets in the way. Maybe we’re finding it hard to find the time? Maybe we keep getting interrupted? Maybe we’re just to afraid to act.

The truth is that’s all bullshit. The reason you haven’t achieved what you’re dreaming about is that is requires growth, and growth hurts. Specifically it hurts your ego. In this fantastic article, Amy Hoy pokes you right in the ego and tells it like it is.

If you want to make something of your skills, yourself, your life…the worst truth is better than the best lie. Reality is your friend. Your ego, on the other hand, is your worst enemy. When you fail to give your ego what it wants, it throws a tantrum and makes you hurt. That’s the only way the ego knows to communicate: caresses…and punches.

— Amy Hoy

…So what’s your dream again?

Fear of success or fear of failure – why we don’t try new things

I don’t know about you, but I certainly do less exciting things than I could. Actually I do know a bit about you. I know that at certain times you go beyond your comfort zone and have a fun exhilarating time, but usually you back out right back into that comfort zone.
During work, time with your family, even at parties most of our time seems to be spent not doing the things we want to.

We cant do them all of course. But we could live a bit more.

Why don’t we?
Fear of success: My own worst enemy. The fear of succeeding and adding to the pressure can be daunting. This is why we find errors in our own work, why we focus of details that don’t really matter.

Fear of failure:  The fear of not succeeding can be stifling because we fear the mocking of those around us. This is why we find reasons that projects have to fail. Why we spend a lot of energy on finding reasons or scapegoats to blame tha failure on.

Learning to indentify when and why we’re backing into our comfort zone isn’t enough. When you’ve identified such a situation, your doing something right. This is when you should get going.

Try it, right now. Go do anything that makes you nervous.