Why I know playstation Move won’t be a game changer

Excited about the Playstation Move?I’m not.

And the reason for it is simple:  Sony isn’t completely behind the product.

Just compare this commercial
Playstation Move

To these two
Apple iPod Touch
Nintendo Wii

Which is all about a new interface and a new way for consumers to have fun? And which is just a marketing scheme to cram another accessory down your throat?

PlayStation Move seems to be a very qualitative device for 3D manipulation. It’s well designed and the interface seems robust.

But Sony should either go full out and place it’s bets with the Move or just stop. Accessories might be a large source of income for the company but PlayStation is already behind the competition and diversifying the platform further with even less support is not going to help.


I just spent an evening with WiiFit and I have to admit that my hype level was way higher then my real life impression.

The WiiFit board is a large chunk of plastic, it feels cheap, it looks cheap and it in all probability is cheap. The games that come with it feel cheap, look cheap and play cheap.
The problem is not the board itself, which I think is a great idea, but the level of quality of the board and it’s games. It’s just pitiful…
The quality is not in the same room as the Wii and Wii sports, they don’t even seem to be related. If the Wii is an ipod then WiiFit is a Soviet world war 2 tank covered in rust. Nintendo just looks like a greedy bully when I look at WiiFit. I hope for Wii’s sake that the coming snowboard and skateboard games make a lot better use of the board.
Because even though my impression is not even remotely good, the balance board is a good idea. Especially for games lite SSX and its like.

Wii problem? meh…

A lot of reviewers and gamers are starting to complain about a problem that was obvous over a year ago. There are no games for the Wii.

I don’t understand this, I love my Wii. I love it as much as I love my Ipod. I look forward to turning it on, listening to the gloing-gloing theme, and messing around in the menu and settings. I use it for at least 5 minutes a month and it was totally worth the never, even once, cut price.

Well, I’ll be off now. I’m busy playing games and watching Blu-Ray movies on my PS3…