Why I know playstation Move won’t be a game changer

Excited about the Playstation Move?I’m not.

And the reason for it is simple:  Sony isn’t completely behind the product.

Just compare this commercial
Playstation Move

To these two
Apple iPod Touch
Nintendo Wii

Which is all about a new interface and a new way for consumers to have fun? And which is just a marketing scheme to cram another accessory down your throat?

PlayStation Move seems to be a very qualitative device for 3D manipulation. It’s well designed and the interface seems robust.

But Sony should either go full out and place it’s bets with the Move or just stop. Accessories might be a large source of income for the company but PlayStation is already behind the competition and diversifying the platform further with even less support is not going to help.

Final Fantasy boosting PS3 sales in Japan (Console Wars)

PS3 sales skyrocket as Final Fantasy Advent Children complete is released with the playable demo of FF13.This is quite probably one of 2009s biggest releases on the PS3 and points to the outcome of this generation in the console war.
There will be no #1 gaming platform.

The Wii has outsold everything x2 and but still has poor support from and to third parties. The Xbox 360 has a clear lead over the PS3 but is clearly not a winner though Microsoft has made both a ton of money and millions of new customers. The PS3 continues to stagnate with good support but far from the great support of the golden PSX days.

In conclusion I miss those days, there was a clear winner, a clear platform that every developer aimed for and a wide spectrum of games.
Maybe the next generation will see a renaissance of games development. Maybe we’ll see total domination by Adobe Flash or OnLive.

Little Big Planet will sell PS3s

The Playstation 3 is far behind in this console generations sales figures. In the next two months we’ll see if the PS3 will start to catch up or if it’s doomed to end up third.
Why this year? Because if the release of games such as LBP and resistance 2, motorstorm 2 can’t shift the PS3 nothing ever will. It’s up against hard competition with the Xbox360’s new interface experience and video streaming functionality.

Personally I think this holiday season will see the climax of the playstation 3’s sales, I don’t think Sony will be able to beat Microsoft this generation but they might pull even.

How can I be so sure Little Big Planet will sell consoles? Well, besides analysts predictions and the millions of people who’ve still not upgraded from PS2 I just bought my own PS3, because no games until LBP were incentive enough for me to buy such an expensive machine.

How about you?