First coffee in eleven days

The first coffee after 10 days without caffeine didn't feel like I was expecting at all.

It was a single espresso from our automatic espresso maker that grinds the beans for every cup. The same machine and the same beans I've had daily for over a year. And it was creamy like licking a chocolate velvet dream. But it didn't give me a jolt at all. It felt sort of like standing in the bright sun a few minutes. I was a little more awake, my pupils a little less dilated.

The first coffee in 11 days

I didn't have another. And that felt fine. My normal 6 espressos a day didn't appeal at all. Will I go back to that habit? I was sort of expecting too. Right now it doesn't seem like I will. But there are months of little to no sun in this country, so I sort of expect I will. Eventually.

PS: It's now three days later and I'm still not drinking more coffee. One or two espressos per day feels great. And never directly out of bed. I'm preferring to wait a few hours.