What happens after React? Svelte. (SthlmJs #64)


This is the second time I gave my talk about what the future of JS frameworks might look like. My thinking is still that Svelte, and it’s compiled JS idea will take over the internet in the coming 2-3 years.

Here’s my Svelte demo.

Still looking to use Svelte in production myself!

What happens after react? (second edition) from Jesper Bylund

What happens after React? (SthlmJS #58)


I gave another talk at SthlmJS (#58). This time hosted at Developers Bay, whom I work with quite a lot.

The talk was about “What happens after React?” and posits that non-shadow dom frameworks, like Svelte, might take over in the future because they are just so much more performant. Not to mention nice to work with!

What happens after react? from Jesper Bylund

Gave a talk at sthlmJS

I spoke about text input in Js and all the things that can go wrong. Most of it was what I learned making BlankPage over the last few years.

It was a ton of fun talking in front of people again. I wish I had spent a little more time preparing, some of my delivery fell flat. And the audience knew a lot more tech than I had expected.


We live and learn. Thanks to @sthlmjs for inviting me!