Nokia N9 slogan – Just Swipe, dumbass!

Nokia N9 marketing

All screen
No home button
Just swipe
Nokia N9
No way to know how to use it without reading a manual or being taught how
Just swipe, DUMBASS!

Nokia must really love being different. Or at least love patenting interaction models, so they can differentiate from iPhone.

To bad different isn’t the same as good.

2 thoughts on “Nokia N9 slogan – Just Swipe, dumbass!

    1. I have. And I find it a great phone!
      I’m not implying that the entire package of the phone is less than the iPhone. I’m saying straight out that their design is essentially flawed. It demands the user learn an interaction model BEFORE they use the product.
      That’s not great for a product as ubiquitous as the cell phone. iPhone, Android and Windows Phone 7 have worked hard NOT to have that problem.
      There is, however, an even worse problem with the Nokia N9: the software was dead on arrival. There will be no software revisions or third party developers since Nokia is shifting to Win Phone7. The N9 with Windows (the 800 Lumia) looks great! But doesn’t use the Swipe-interface (
      Thanks for the comment! I hope I cleared up my point.


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