Second week with the iPad

My first impression of the iPad, after the glowing halo of hype wore off, was really not that good. It wasn’t that there was anything wrong with the iPad, there wasn’t. It just didn’t work the way I wanted it to.
A week later I hadn’t really changed my mind, until I was typing away earlier tonight and realized why I didn’t feel it fitted into my life. It’s a unitasking machine.

The iPad doesn’t multitask, yet, but after comparing my experience using the same apps on my iPhone 4 I’m now convinced that my problem is not a result of the device lacking features, but instead that the iPad forces me to focus on my work.

Work which I’ve learned so well to digress and be distracted from on my other machines. I’m just not used to having to focus for more than a few minutes at a time.

This discovery has really turned my experience around, I can’t wait to work like this for a few more days and see where it leads me. Unitasking is the new productivity buzz word. Let’s see if this machine helps me become more productive or leaves me doing less complex work.

5 thoughts on “Second week with the iPad

  1. I agree. My first impression when I received the iPad was rather bleak. Yes, it’s a nice looking product and fun and all, but it was not a life changer in any way. I really did not have that awe-moment everyone is talking about. It tooks me a couple of weeks to really start appreciating the device and finding out how it fits in with how I work.
    I have noticed that I spend less and less time using a computer at home and instead use the iPad for various things. I still miss a lot of features, especially being able to handle Photoshop files and typing fast, but it really is a remarkable device (one must not forget that it is the content network/App Store that truly makes it what it is).
    The unitasking was no problem in the beginning, but as I use the iPad more and more and I am forced to switch between apps (especially when making a Keynote) it really starts to bug me and makes me work slower.


    1. Hopefully Apple will release multitasking on the 8th of September. But I’m not sure it will help unless we change our habits of use.
      Thanks so much for your comment and thoughts!
      And a quick follow up question? What’s your favorite iPad app?


  2. That’s a very interesting question actually. I’ve had my iPad a couple of months now and I’ve noticed that the same behaviour as a kid with to many toys (or a person with too many TV channels). I loose focus too often on the apps I have and get distracted with all new releases.
    The ones I use the most is Osfoora HD, Safari and Keynote. This is one thing I miss with the iPad – crucial _applications_ that really matters.


    1. interesting. That was my first reaction as well, than I ran out of cash. Impressive how the AppStore can sell thousands of apps for higher prices.


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