EpicWin app review

When I first saw the EpicWin app trailer a few months ago I had a nerdgasm. The sheer amount of hilarious humor applied to something so mundane as a to do list really hit the spot with me. This iPhone app really looked like an epic win, if not for productivity than just for comedy.

EpicWin was released today and I downloaded it on the subway on my way to work. I was happily choosing my avatar and plowing through the “tutorial” quests (the first few to do’s that get you up to speed with the app) and I find myself creating smaller and smaller to do’s just to progress in my quests.

The way the game handles valuation of tasks makes it a bit strange but I’m not going to say to much to early. I’ll keep using the app a few days and update when I’ve really come to terms with it.

It’s just a few bucks and worth it just for laughs. You can find out more at the developers site: EpicWinApp.com

Launch trailer is up

Update 2:
EpicWin apparently closes all other music or sound processes. So if you’re listening to music and open EpicWin your iPod/Pandora/Spotify will actually stop the music, not just pause it. This is really annoying if you’re just quickly adding a task.

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