Creating a minimalist WP theme

These are just sketches for my WP theme. Just getting ideas out to test them visually. Experimenting with design is really an awesome process and I wish we had the tools to do the same with interaction without involving a group of developers and spending a lot of money. design


Experimented a lot with gradients and feedback as if the objects had a real world existence.

Worked pretty well but not at all to the degree I was looking for. Getting users to experience fake tactile experience through Gestalt Closure is really hard without sound. design


Here I tried relying more on the grid to make the site look structured and clean. But I bailed out in the last minute and added a few details outside the grid that didn’t work at all.


Here I was just trying to present a lifestream that could work as a living resume of my entire life. Before long I realized that what I really was designing was an XML feed. Not at all what I had set out to do.


Testing out the idea of a virtual business card. But it started feeling cheap really early. The point of a business card is to be able to hand it around. A website doesn’t have the same appeal for the function. If I wanted you to find out exactly who I am I’d probably hand you my resume, not my site. design


This was one of the most interesting models I tried. Another fake spatial space website but with equal amounts of information about me and information that I wanted visitors to see. Worked pretty well but ended up a bit cramped. Not far from my current direction though.

3 thoughts on “Creating a minimalist WP theme

    1. Thanks Erik, realized I’ve never really shown my work before so I thought I should start. 🙂 The web designs are at least easy to display. Game design and interaction design is harder.How are you doing? Any new projects in the pipe?


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