Amazon game shop

Amazon has tossed down the gauntlet on the casual games industry and started a downloadable casual game portal. Check it out and tell me what you think.
Games are priced at a competitive $10 and with amazons huge customer base it will certainly be interesting to see the effect this might have. More and more mainstream businesses are approaching the games industry, hard core developers tremble and might go extinct.

2 thoughts on “Amazon game shop

    1. But is it really? If you could buy games for really cheap prices but you had to trudge through snow for 2 hours to buy it, would you? Probably not.The point I’m making is that the highest barrier that keeps consumers from buying something rarely is price but other, not as apparent, restrictions. Availability, ease of use or even “understanding what the hell it is”. These barriers need to be addressed before price makes a significant impact. Though, as you say, price always does make an impact on sales.


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