Little Big Planet will sell PS3s

The Playstation 3 is far behind in this console generations sales figures. In the next two months we’ll see if the PS3 will start to catch up or if it’s doomed to end up third.
Why this year? Because if the release of games such as LBP and resistance 2, motorstorm 2 can’t shift the PS3 nothing ever will. It’s up against hard competition with the Xbox360’s new interface experience and video streaming functionality.

Personally I think this holiday season will see the climax of the playstation 3’s sales, I don’t think Sony will be able to beat Microsoft this generation but they might pull even.

How can I be so sure Little Big Planet will sell consoles? Well, besides analysts predictions and the millions of people who’ve still not upgraded from PS2 I just bought my own PS3, because no games until LBP were incentive enough for me to buy such an expensive machine.

How about you?

2 thoughts on “Little Big Planet will sell PS3s

  1. Pre-ordered it along with a T-shirt long ago!Although I already have a PS3. Worth nothing however is that LPB was a deciding factor when getting one. This was before LPB was delayed for a couple of years.


  2. Little Big Planet is having a messy start with the recall before release and all the online server problems since launch. I’m hopeful the LBP server issue will be resolved in the next few weeks. Sony needs to do a Hardware price cut even if it hurts their pocketbooks for a few months.


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