Web 3.0

The next step in web development has been claimed to be the semantic web, sounds great but I think we’re a few steps away from that. The next step I believe will be to integrate web services seamlessly into our user experience, essentially making them part of our everyday lives without gluing us to the screen with 789 tabs open.
Enter Ubiquity, the command line interface that lets you use all web service functions from a standard browser window. Check it out, the example video will blow your mind.


3 thoughts on “Web 3.0

  1. Oh my!Lemme just say; sweet!
    Incredibly experimental indeed, but the concept is great and it’s a step in a good direction. And I love the fact that they used Google’s services.


  2. I saw a talk about this kind of thing a few months ago, seemed sweet then and looks sweet now too. Especially with that subscribe to services thing.
    Finally the powers of command line and GUI get merged into one gorgeous package.


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