Massive jet lag

It’s usually easier for me to fly west. Something about staying awake and syncing up the day of travel helps me adapt to the new time zone.

Today I’m feeling incredibly jet lagged though. And I must’ve been completely gone for most of the day yesterday. So here’s to hoping this is the peak, and I’ll start syncing back tomorrow.

Very sad to hear about Notre Dame burning. It’s hard to imagine landmarks like that disappearing. But I guess that’s just fuzzy logic. All thing change. All things end. How Etiam Transibit.

Unpacking and realigning

The Surprising Link Between Jet Lag and Intermittent Fasting - GuavaPass | The Daily Guava

We went to bed on time and got up on time. This is the first crucial step to fighting jetlag, and so far so good. We also need sunlight and to eat at proper times, that's going to be harder.

Other than that, we unpacked all our stuff from the trip. I called my parents, and it's almost time to set off for the gym. A productive day. Still a bit worried there might be an impending jetlag hangover around the corner.

Worry is pointless though, so let's get on with it!

My 35th Birthday

I just woke up in a rainy Kinshicho, Tokyo. It’s my 35th birthday and I’m happily spending it doing weird things with my favorite person.


I love celebrating, but I don’t like growing old. Being old I don’t mind, but the scope of what is possible in life grows smaller with every year, and that I don’t like.

I know theoretically that the shortness of life is meaningful, and triggers us to act. But I don’t always feel it. Which is why today, on the best vacation I’ve ever had, I’m sad to be reminded that this too shall pass.

I’ll hug Agnes a little tighter today. This moment is worth celebrating.